Fetching only base assets

I am building a custom avatar creator, and am ready to add the assets. I did a test call of the endpoint, and got 278,800 total assets returned. They were spread across 1,394 pages. All I want are the base assets that come with the pre-built RPM Avatar Creator. How do I fetch only those? Do I need the RPM organization ID?



Hmm, after entering what I believe is RPM’s organizationId, I’m still getting all of those assets. I want to filter out the assets like this:

    "id": "147720392",
    "name": "outfit-This is a test-m",
    "organizationId": "6453d11c462434a35b4abe17",
    "listed": true,
    "locked": false,
    "type": "outfit",
    "bodyType": "fullbody",
    "editable": false,
    "gender": "male",
    "hasApps": false,
    "campaignIds": [],
    "modelUrl": "https://files.readyplayer.me/asset/modelUrl/147720392/1674641405-outfit-blackfriday-vrgamer-v2-f-1699880477969.glb",
    "iconUrl": "https://files.readyplayer.me/asset/iconUrl/147720392/1680605269-1663a046-b268-4333-815c-6c48152544a5-1699880477993.png",
    "maskUrl": "",
    "baseColorUrl": "",
    "occlusionUrl": "",
    "psdTemplateUrl": "",
    "badgeText": "",
    "badgeLogoUrl": "",
    "faceBlendShapes": [],
    "color": null,
    "hairStyle": "",
    "eyebrowStyle": "",
    "eyeStyle": "",
    "beardStyle": "",
    "glassesStyle": "",
    "lockedCategories": [],
    "activeForCampaign": "",
    "iconText": "",
    "iconGlow": false,
    "price": "",
    "fullPrice": "",
    "position": 25440,
    "createdAt": "2023-05-11T11:13:53.220Z",
    "updatedAt": "2024-02-16T13:41:29.280Z",
    "nftId": "",
    "modelVersions": {
        "male_athletic": "https://files.readyplayer.me/asset/modelVersions.male_athletic/147720392/01gjupb1-1708090889005.glb",
        "male_heavyset": "https://files.readyplayer.me/asset/modelVersions.male_heavyset/147720392/yxt6axvv-1708090889037.glb",
        "male_plussize": "https://files.readyplayer.me/asset/modelVersions.male_plussize/147720392/gqju_4df-1708090889013.glb"

I don’t think I need this one, given its name is outfit-This is a test-m.

Got it. This is query parameter is what did it: applicationIds. It’s confusing because here https://docs.readyplayer.me/ready-player-me/integration-guides/api-integration/custom-avatar-creator it uses this: