Export UE models from web

Hey all, Im trying to export UE5 compatible avatars from the web using the APIs.

So far the GLB that I got to export from the studio dont seem to be directly compatible with UE. Is there any way (from Studio, query string whatever) of exporting a glb that you could directly drop in UE?


Hi there,

You can use our Unreal SDK to import the Avatars, our SDK uses GLTFRuntime to import Avatars in Unreal: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/ready-player-me-avatar-and-character-creator

Thank you for the answer, but I actually want to have it the opposite way, export an avatar that is compatible with an Unreal environment from the web. Is that possible?

Its a bit weird but in essence I would like to export in such a way that I could then just drag and drop it into Unreal. We have a partner whose env is Unreal and we are looking to integrate with them, but we are separate products and companies (and we are using the avatars for different community activities to) so direct import into the Unreal Editor is not viable for us

This is not possible since we only provide glb. and not fbx. files

You could potentially create a service that auto converts our .glbs to .fbx but you might still run into some issues due to the conversion.