Create default avatar without entering Avatar Creator

Hi everyone,

We currently have an application that uses RPM to generate and edit the player avatars.

During the first login to the application, the user enters its name, additional info, and manually creates its Avatar using the RPM Avatar creator, the avatar’s URL is then stored with that user info. The user has to finish all this steps before entering the application.

We want to accelerate a bit the first login experience and one of the things we have in mind is the possibility to skip the avatar creation and automatically create and assign an avatar with a “default appearence” to that user without having to enter the Avatar Creator at all. And letting the user edit that avatar afterwards.

Is there a way to create an avatar without entering the avatar creator? From an API call for example?

Thanks in advance and have a good day!

EDIT: Currently checking

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yes the link you shared to the other thread has an answer to this