Wizard Update Existing avatars

Hello everyone.
I’m kinda new to RPM, but i was trying to use the Creator Wizard Sample on unity and I wanted to add an option to update my own avatar.
Let me clarify :
I first spawn in the wizard menu and create an avatar. There, i can choose its gender and everything. When i’m finished, my avatar is spawned in another scene. In this scene, there is a trigger to go back to RPM wizard.
And in the menu, i would like to add a button or smth to have instantly my avatar in the editor menu to be able to change whatever i want, and save it in the same link.

Does somebody know if it already exist (and could explain me how to make it happend?) or how it might work?
I Save my avatar in the playerprefs, so i can have it, but when i try to shortcut the defaultavatarscene, it doesn’t work due to its needs of templates.

Thanks a lot
PS : if there is a thread which talks about it, please let me know as well, i might have missed it.