403 on attempting to save avatar

I am attempting to follow the API quickstart guide here:

  1. I create an anonymous user by performing a POST to

This is successful. I capture the base64 jwt token returned.

  1. I GET the templates from

I grab a random template. In this case: 645cd1bdf23d0562d3f9d28b

  1. Now I create a draft avatar by running a POST to

I am including my base64 jwt token in the authorization header

I capture the avatar id. In this case: 667c3aaca357b441c204e377

  1. I now want to save this avatar by performing a PUT to the following URL

I am including the base64 jwt token in the authorization header.

I receive a 403 response:
“type”: “ForbiddenError”,
“status”: 403,
“message”: “Forbidden”,
“code”: “forbidden”

Can anyone take a look and see what I am doing incorrectly? I believe I am following the instructions from the quickstart guide properly.

Thank you.