Required request body parameter mission from API

Just wanted ot let you know that the POST[template-id] enpoint documentation is missing userId from the request body, which is required.

Can you share the documentation page you are referring to?

It is not required. You just need to pass in the Authorization token, which already contains data about the user.

Sorry, I was calling the endpoint in a slightly different way. If you pass your API key in the header instead of the token, then userId is required. I don’t know if this is documented somewhere or not.

The flow you are using is not publicly documented; however, the documentation page you shared above is about updating anonymous accounts that have been created the same way as mentioned in the doc in step 1, so it’s a continuity from previous steps, we used that method for consistency

OK. I plan on using guest accounts and managing everything myself, but the documentation doesn’t say much about how to do that. So I was trying to piece things together from the documentation about other kinds of users. Is there some documentation I overlooked that describes managing guest accounts in more detail than this page does Guest Accounts | Ready Player Me?